Our History

Established in 2015

1835 Capital, has investments across various asset classes and industry sectors. We invest individually or jointly with like minded investors, family offices and funds in well researched opportunities through various structures such as private or public companies, first or second mortgages, private equity, joint ventures and property syndication. 1835 Capital was founded and maintains its corporate office in heart of Adelaide, South Australia.


Whats in the name?

The name 1835 Capital was derived from several significant events that took place in the year 1835, some of which have direct links to South Australia, others which are historically significant and relevant.

On 9 October, 1835, the South Australian Company was founded to encourage investment and the development of the colony of South Australia, following the passing of the South Australian Foundation Act in 1834.

In addition 1835 was also the year Mark Twain was born and on 8 January, 1835, the US Federal debt was for the first and only time US $ O.